Bollywood dancing has a style of its own. It draws themes from multiple dance forms. From Indian semi classical dances and from folks dances from all parts of India. Then it throws in some  forms like hip-hop, jazz and salsa etc.. to really spice it up. This potpourri of diverse dance forms, combined with the titillating music makes bollywood dancing style one of a kind. It is very free flowing and can be utterly flexible, without the rigors usually imposed by classical dance forms.


“Bollywoodspirit was born on 2009 with the primary goal to approach teaching of this unique dance form with detail attention to all facets. Starting from initial preparation by students with proper stretching exercises to strengthen them to build up their stamina with a very fun and nice way. We push our students to explore their own creative selfs thru dancing. Our class sizes are kept to limited numbers so each student can get the attention they deserve. With proper attention we believe not only help each student to overcome their stage fright but will possibly position them to develop their leadership abilities. I hope dancing can open the a carefree fun side of life for our kids who are under tremendous pressure of high expectation from all corners now a days.  “

                                                                       Reshma Das

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